The Green Man : Tales from the Mythic Forest

How many times have you won a staring contest?

I usually do it with the neighborhood cats. Usually, one of us would lose interest. And I’m not saying whom. But this was one staring contest I could never win. And that was the third round. So I took The Green Man home.

That’s the first thing you would notice about the book cover: the large, green eyes. They are strange and yet familiar at the same time. Like you’ve seen them, like you’ve looked at them somewhere some time before.

And that’s just the cover of the book!

Green Man’s content spans continents and ages. It features stories that took place from both forgotten eras to modern days in various lands existing, missing, and gone.

Much as I like folklore in general, I never really paid attention to minor deities like the green man. And it was through this book that I came to realize that—like the other creatures of folklore—I have come across him, even became fascinated about him, but in a different form and with a different name.

Of course, not every story is a hit. Some just had me powering through the whole piece, just to get to the next one. And I’m not saying which ones.

Reading The Green Man was fascinating and peculiar, like a déjà vu you get in the middle of nowhere when you catch a pair of eyes staring right back at you.


The Green Man : Tales from the Mythic Forest
Edited by Terri Windling & Ellen Datlow
Read: January 2010

The Green Man
The Green Man : Tales from the Mythic Forest

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