Yet to Read All of It

Considering my background, it’s quite a revelation.

My family is religious and spiritual, especially when compared to me. I’m like a goat living among sheep. That’s why I feel really strange about writing this.

Everyone in my family has read the Bible. Both my parents have. I’ve seen them opening it while reviewing church lessons or just having a healthy family debate. My brother uses the audio bible and I hear that from his room upstairs or when I pass by his door.

That’s why it’s surprising that a reader like me hasn’t read the Bible, the one book that has many versions and translations in their house. And of all those, I own two of them—three if you count the one I used in a class in college. I’ve been living with Bibles my whole life and yet I haven’t finished reading one.

Funny how I could read whole books. Power through them, if I had to. But I couldn’t find such strength or patience or endurance for the Bible.

And it gets funnier when I learn that I am not the only one. Not that I take much and great comfort in that. But I find it odd that these people who haven’t read the Bible have the guts to poke fun at it, blaspheme it, and even burn it. They say that they don’t believe it when they haven’t even opened it.

I’m no stranger to the contents of the Bible. But I am not saying that I am familiar or well versed either. The parts that I have known can sometimes be down right confusing, preachy, or just so incredible. That’s why I know what difficulty Bible readers face. To a point, at least.

Now that I have declared this, there is this compelling feeling that I should begin reading the Bible again. And I hesitate. Personal reasons.

Guess that’s the one book I will have the most difficulty with. But admitting difficulty isn’t the same as declaring impossibility.

So, yes! I do not declare that reading the Bible is impossible.


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  1. Patrick says:

    Technically, I read the Bible every day. How? Through those Bible diaries. I find them really useful so I won’t have to browse through pages of really thin paper which I’m afraid will just tear in my rough hands. 😛


    1. matiserrano says:

      @Patrick: we have this daily devotional that incorporates one verse a day. And that’s easy. Reading from Genesis to Revelation, not so easy. There was this Bible reading plan that was lying around here but I don’t where it is now.

      I can’t remember the last time I came across a Bible diary. But good for you!

      Many Bibles have delicate paper. Guess that contributes to the non-reading, since it looks like it could be torn easily.Or discolored.


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