Braindroppings By George Carlin; Read: Early 2000s

If someone said you’re sarcastic, would you take it as a compliment?

Well, I don’t know—or I haven’t met—anyone who would take it as a compliment. Or even say it as a compliment. But I wouldn’t know what the late George Carlin would say about it. He was still alive when I came across his book though.

Back in college, Braindroppings was one of the strangest picks I made. For one, it was a standout in my collection of literary classics and modern tomes. And it was also one of my first books that had a jacket.

Now, I cannot recall why I bought this.

Possibly, it was because of an English class I was taking up, where we were studying literary works about wit, satire, and sarcasm. (I even forgot which class that was.) Or I bought it because I saw this line asking why the people of the Philippines called Filipinos.

Anyway, there was this section there about irony, which was way better than referring to Alanis Morisette’s song. Though slightly vague, I know there was this contrast of baseball and football that I thought was really good. And all those suggestions on how to gain world peace really made smile.

One more piece I remember about that book was that quote by Khalil Gibran. “We shall never understand one another until we reduce the language to seven words.”

Guess that’s why I recommended that book to friends.

And I guess it’s that good because it’s still with my friend, RC. I hope he’s taking care of it. I have half a mind of getting it. It’s only a matter of when.


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