The Mummy’s Ransom

The Mummy’s Ransom
The Mummy’s Ransom By Fred Hunter; Read: February 2010


As fast as I read this work, I easily forgot if I liked it or not.

Seriously, I cannot say if I would let any friend of mine read this book. The benefit of the doubt I have says that maybe it is good. And the only way I could be sure is if I’d read it again. But something tells me not to.

Here at least are some points that I do remember liking. As expected with a detective novel, it has a lot of details. And those details will be used sooner or later within the book. If there were a gun in the holster hanging on the wall, that gun would be fired. Then again, I guess that goes for most—if not all—detective novels.

Expectedly, there are many strange and shady characters in a detective novel. But one that really stood out for me wasn’t one of the usual (or even the unusual) suspects. She’s one of the good guys and, as I understood, the yin to the yang of the lead. And yet she appears in about only three chapters. How she wasn’t employed as much, I don’t understand.

The end of the mystery came about abruptly. Not that the case wasn’t solved. Just that it made me ask, “So that was it?”

Good thing I bought the book for only Php99.00. Quite a steal. Then again, maybe not.


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