Mockingjay By Suzanne Collins; Read: May 2011

For the first time, I cannot compare this sequel to Battle Royale.

Obviously because, in BR, there’s no overthrow while in Mockingjay, there’s the uprisings, the revolutions, and the inevitable executions. Add to that the surprising casualties. Emphasis on surprising because I just rushed through their demise and then at a later page, I realized that they’ve passed on. Sometimes, I would flip back to make sure of what just shocked me.

But, no, I am not saying who died. Or how many. Actually, I’ve lost count. It’s enough that a few strangers spoiled the results for me. And I don’t want to do that to what few readers that I have—if I have readers at all.

Now that I have finished the series, here’s how I look at the three books. The Hunger Games feels raw and primal, Catching Fire is more calculated and even remarkably funny in its own way, while Mockingjay has that entire post-climax feel.

Yes, personally, Mockingjay isn’t as exciting as the first two books. Maybe because I know that the inescapable end is coming for everyone, even for the trilogy itself. And what I was reading was the last of the struggles for power. Liken it further to a great fire that is dying and down to its few burning, warm embers. And maybe I also knew that the good guys would win. It was all just a matter of how and when.

It wasn’t bad. If anything, it actually mirrored the state of my personal affairs of the moment. And that is saying something. The only parts not clear to me are the end and the casualties. Who knows if my luck is as good as Katniss’?

So, in case I sound muddled, let me just say this: Mockingjay is a good end.


What do you think?

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