The Whispering Road

The Whispering Road
The Whispering Road Livi Michael; Read: June 2011


This book took me quite a while to read!

At the beginning my pace was fine since the book’s pace was fine. An escape and a chase followed by who knows what. But somewhere in the middle, it began to drag and—try as I might—I just couldn’t make good time with the book. I couldn’t even get myself to power through it.

But I got past the slump when things changed in the story. I’m not going to give much away but thank goodness for new and albeit short lived characters.

If you get to read this book, you might see some parallels to Charles Dickens’ Oliver Twist. Granted I did read the review but I believe that even if I didn’t, I’d still come up with the same observation.

Strangely, what intrigued me more wasn’t any part of the story but actually it was the inspiration that did it. Michael said that neighboring farmhouse would hire kids, who seemed like they never grew old. It was later revealed that the couple who ran the farm overworked the kids and when the kids die, they’d replaced them with similar looking kids. If the history of that farm ever came out, I’d buy and read it!

Not all the elements in the story are fictional. Some of the characters are quite true and even historical themselves. But I don’t want to get into anymore detail about them.

Okay, I may not remember Oliver well but, if I have my memory correct, Oliver’s story had a relatively happier ending. Still, I think Joe had a better character, even more of a development. He may not know what he wants every time but when he makes up his mind, he’s focused. He’s stubborn and quite persistent. And in his coming of age, he comes to terms with his past so he could face the future.


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