ReaderCon Filipino Friday: Week Five

Fifth and last meme from the good people of ReaderCon.

What do you hope will happen in the Filipino ReaderCon? What are you expecting from the event?

I won’t be able to attend. The long and short of it: my leave doesn’t fall on the date. Still, I’ll answer this like I would be there.

I imagine stuff like these

  • Introductions: awkward ones. I hope there are “Hello! My name is _______” stickers. They could be really helpful, especially with those who are only familiar with people online. Also, I hope that the participants, particularly those who joined the memes, would remember to use their username / display name / handle; some of us could just forget that).
  • Icebreakers: possibly not everyone would be able to join in (for various reasons) but at least employ something that could maximize the participation. Something that would be easy and not so much of a hassle for anyone. And prizes for motivation!
  • Organization: election anyone? Or maybe not.
  • Information: maybe the guys and girls of ReaderCon have lined up a few speakers who would be sharing some useful stuff with other readers. Or maybe one of the attending authors of the MIBF would grace the event and say some things, just to get them excited.
  • Awards: I risk sounding juvenile but novelty awards (or titles) could add to the fun and memory. Or things directly tied to the memes:
  1. Who was able to answer each Filipino Friday meme the day it was posted?
  2. Who were always in the top five of each meme?
  3. Who is the top poster for all five memes?
  • Giveaways/Freebies: the possibilities are endless but I bet all the attendants would love to take home a free book.

Could there be just one more meme? Like asking participants to post what were the good (and bad) parts of the five weeks of the meme or just anything memorable or forgettable that happened during that period. Maybe even post a picture or two (for those who joined the con). So people could keep track of what happened after, sort of.


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Patrick says:

    Great ideas! The icebreakers would be fun but there’s a schedule to follow and that could mess it up.

    Too bad you won’t be able to come. I’m still not sure myself but I hope I can.


    1. matiserrano says:

      These are just last minute, after all. And I believe they already had the plans and the program made long before they came out with the meme.

      Saw the events. Made me want to, still I couldn’t. If you do, well good for you!


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