For This I Am Grateful

For This I Am Grateful By All of Us
For This I Am Grateful By All of Us

There is always something to be thankful for.

If there was but one lesson that I would gain from reading this book, that would be it. And the things that people are thankful for can surprise me, much more when I know why.

Right now, I’m thinking why I bought this book. I certainly did not find a review of this nor was it recommended to me by anyone. I just held it in my hands for a few moments, possibly even had second thoughts about buying it. And I ended up purchasing it.

For This I Am Grateful is a small book. It might even fit into your pocket. And you could probably finish it in half a day. But I never did. For me, this was a mood book.

Just some time after I bought this book, I got into a rut. I felt bummed out most of the time. That wasn’t good. And I wasn’t coming across any real inspiration—not that I meant to be inspired anyway. Then I remembered this book. And began reading it.

Somehow I recall laughing. After a few pages, I was mulling about what the contributors said they were thankful for. More pages then and I found myself in some sort of disbelief. And then amazement hit me.

Now what most of them wrote were simple, everyday things. And that’s the amazing part.

Don’t get me wrong. I am thankful for things I have but—compared to those guys—I would look ungrateful. There are things they appreciate that I would deem automatic, right, or even due. And with that, I feel like a total ingrate. The things that they appreciate so much are the same things I have never given a second thought.

Could you be thankful if the things you’re thankful for weren’t any of the simple, everyday things?

Yes, each day has something to be thankful about. I hope I see more of them and be grateful for them while they are still here. More so, be able to say that I am.


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