Suplado Tips

Suplado Tips
Suplado Tips By Stanley Chi

I’m certainly not converted.

Well, yes I did read the whole book—even the foreword by Ramon Bautista, which was actually a revelation to me since I didn’t know that he, too writes. Or at least he made a good starter piece. But it just failed to pull me over to their side.

Guess I remain one of those friendly, good guys. And if you too have read the book, you know what befalls the likes of us, according to Chi. So I guess there’s the woe that betides me.

For a while (meaning the whole two train rides), I contemplated on being a suplado. I believe it’s doable. Possibly, I might be doing without meaning to, just like an unconscious mechanism. But I guess this is what being a suplado is about: shut [noun] before [pronoun] shuts you.

And before anyone takes this for something else, I’m all for the sarcastic humor and wry wit; I find it to be absolutely charming and entertaining in all the two hours I held it in my hands.

But two hours is only good for passing the time, not changing the mind. At least not mine. (Quite a choice for my first Filipino book this year.)


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