The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero

The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero
The Heroes of Olympus: The Lost Hero By Rick Riordan; Re-read: October 2011

For once, I am reading the same book again.

Ever since I read Son of Neptune earlier last month, I began to notice that Rick Riordan has dropped breadcrumbs. Sometimes I could remember where the trail started, see where they ended, or miss everything completely. So I decided to re-read The Lost Hero.

If you haven’t read The Lost Hero and are the type who absolutely hates spoilers, better stop reading now. This post is meant more as a refresher for those who have read the book. And those who don’t mind spoilers.

Jason Grace: One Lost Hero

Yes, Jason is a lost hero. But he isn’t the only lost hero. Please don’t count out Percy.

But back to Jason. As with amnesiacs, he doesn’t know his age. The twelve lines in Jason’s tattoo would indicate twelve years. But he disappeared when he was 2 years old. That would equal to only 14 years in all. Unless there’s a time that isn’t accounted for.

Percy has Blackjack while Jason has Tempest. Fittingly, Tempest is a wind spirit, albeit one of chaos. And although it was spared from Juno’s rage, would it make a comeback? And would it be changed in its absences (think tamed) or still wild as ever?

I’m the son of Jupiter! I’m a child of Rome, consul to demigods, praetor of the First Legion. I slew the Trojan sea monster. I toppled the black throne of Kronos, and destroyed the Titan Krios with my own hands.

How come I remember a Twelfth Legion in Son of Neptune? And I mean that the present legion—the Twelfth Legion—is the one (and only one) the Romans have. So what’s with Jason declaring he’s from the first legion then the camp in the second book being the twelfth legion? I’m confused.

Speaking of the legion, Jason began remembering stuff before the book ended, like his friends from the legion. Dakota, Gwendolyn, Hazel, and Bobby were mentioned. The first three I’m sure are characters of the second book but who’s Bobby? Maybe he’ll be introduced in the next book.

Reyna isn’t mentioned as a friend. But is implied to be something else to Jason. What she is remains a mystery to both him and the readers.

Piper McLean: Beauty and Persuasion

Some readers could easily tell which deity a demigod owes parentage to. But when a demigod is just described as beautiful (or handsome), it’s just like describing a crime suspect as human. That’s not much to go on with.

With that said, I ask if there is a demigod (in any of Riordan’s series) that is described as ugly. Even Clovis, though described as baby cow, was still made to sound presentable. Are there ugly demigods?

Guess that’s why I hard time guessing which god/goddess sired Piper. And I was surprised to learn whom. And the power she inherited from Aphrodite is entirely new to me but not that strange, mind you.

One other thing I find strange about Aphrodite, she foretold a piece of the future that no one else spoke of. Yes, there’s the laying waste of the birthplace of the gods. But she was the only one who said that Medea would return. Or is that just expected since there’s this issue with Death?

Did anyone else take note of Piper’s clothes, especially the jacket? Polartec. The same type of jacket would appear in the sequel. But it wouldn’t belong to a girl.

Leo Valdez: Pyrokinetic Mechanic

For the longest time, I have associated fire users with serious anger issues.

I guess Leo is a proverbial exception. He may not be cool every single time but he definitely keeps his emotions in check—and yet could be so hyper!

And if Leo is the subject, one can’t help but mention Festus. Granted he may not be a horse but I believe he counts as a steed. And he too gets to come back, although not in the way most characters would. I wonder if Festus would be given a better history, especially one that would reveal his maker (or makers).

One understated discovery about Leo is how he found Bunker 9. It’s not a total mystery, thanks to Chiron. But there are things about it that could be better explored.

That brings me to my next questions: how was it opened the first time? Was there another fire user when they built the place? Or is there another way to open Bunker 9 without fire or a fire user?

Because of the discovery of Bunker 9 and its many blueprints, there’s a note that refers to a prophecy. I readily assume that it’s about The Great Seven—but according to Rachel, that was her first prophecy. So it’s (relatively) new, I guess. But at the other camp, they claim it’s been around for a long time. Which prophecy were the guys of Bunker 9 referring to?

Loose Ends

Ancient places.

That’s plural, in case you missed it. But the term “birthplace” is also used as a location that is meant to be destroyed by the Giants and Gaea. “Birthplace” may just mean the country, Greece. As for the ancient places, well all the gods weren’t born in the same spot. And where those are is yet to be revealed.


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