The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10

The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10
The Best of Chico and Delamar’s The Morning Rush Top 10 By Chico and Delamar; Read: February 2012

How did I learn of this book?

Don’t know for sure but a Facebook friend probably had something to do with it. I’m not sure if he is a rusher, which is a whole other matter. The friend I was with when I bought this is surely one though.

Before I forget, “rusher” is the term that is used for the loyal listeners of Chico and Del’s “The Morning Rush” (TMR). It is a daily radio show that airs weekdays, from 6AM-10AM on Monster Radio RX 93.1.

You could already tell that I’m very much biased with this book. Even though I was not reading it, I brought it with me—more often than not—just to show it off, like a shiny badge or an illegal tattoo. And other readers, including non-rushers, would attest that it’s quite a good icebreaker, something to while away boring breaks and waits, and a very good way to perk up or pace down a conversation.

I have to say this though, as much as I love the book, it is just a compilation of choice parts of what actually goes on the radio show. There is so much more to TMR than just lists of funny, scary, bitchy, and thought-provoking lines. That I am sure of since I have been a rusher for 15 years now. Possibly even more.

Try as I may, I have no idea when I started listening to TMR. Although I am quite sure that it was in high school. And another thing I am sure of: Chico and I have the same birthday. Not the same age, mind you. I was 15 then and very much excited about the birthday discovery. (How old Chico was in 1997 is for you to find out.)

Back in the late 90s, TMR had the “Thought of the Day,” more or less a list of random quotes or what have you. I would record that part of the show on a cassette tape and list down the ones I liked. And I think I still have the tapes and the listed quotes in my room—just where they are exactly there, I don’t know.

What I do know is that, since TMR became really popular that time, they had a number of TV guestings and eventually had their own TV show. Guess that’s why I became some sort of a movie buff because that was what their show, “Rebyu,” was about: reviewing movies and other stuff. They also released their own CD album (and at the launch they had to sing and dance). They have music videos, as far as I know. The one I remember most was shot at the station, with many strange characters popping out of nowhere, doing seemingly odd things.

Chico and Del were the reason why I also started listening to other RX shows. I remember when Louie D’s Countdown Top 7 was still on Friday afternoons and Brian boarded at unexpected times of the day or night. And the DJs then played zany characters, like Leroy and Bodyguard, which reminded me of a certain host of a long-running noontime show. There was also one where Chico and Del were the voices behind Kikoy and Kikay, with special participation of The Gaucho. Those were real riots!

Once in a while, neither Chico nor Del would be there to host the show, which wasn’t unusual. What was unusual was it took so long for even one of them to come back. Next thing I knew, they were on 93.9 KC FM. They still had the same time slot but I forgot what they called their show there. They had different segments for each day. Once in a week, an unreleased song by a then popular artist would be played. On another day, two versions of the same song would be featured.

Just when KC FM was beginning to sound really good, it changed. Once again, Chico and Del were off air. And it coincided with me leaving for college. It took me a while before I remembered to listen to the radio in the morning and it really surprised me to hear them again on RX.

By that time, they had the Top 10 going. Also, Brad hosted with them, three times a week I believe. Some time after him, it was Justine. Now it’s Gino.

While some things change, some still don’t. I’m still a silent rusher. I don’t participate in the Top 10, call the show, visit the station, or attempt to show up at any EB, tea party, or whatever they have planned. I would’ve shown you my “Top 10 Reasons Why I Am a Silent Rusher” but I only came up with seven.

Now, somewhere between here and the beginning of this entry is a declaration of my partiality, fascination, and loyalty to the show and its hosts. And this book is but a small window to a huge house taken straight out of Wonderland. I enter it without hesitation and have been doing so for years and will continue in the years to come, still silent or no longer so.


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