33rd Manila International Book Fair – Day Five

Rainy weather and the book fair just don’t really go well together.

I had plans (and back up plans, in case the first ones didn’t push through) while there at the 33rd Manila International Book Fair. But today’s weather put quite a damper on every single one of my plans. Not only did I not last an hour there at the SMX Convention Center, I didn’t feel as good as last Wednesday.

Add to that the hordes I tried to keep avoiding. Well, everyone else had a right to be there, just as much as I did. In my defense, I always try to keep out of the way of an oncoming crowd. Or even just a couple (read: boyfriend and girlfriend who wouldn’t let go of each other’s hand) who were headed my way. But one particular couple insisted on passing in front of me—when there was clearly more room behind me. I couldn’t speak since I was in the middle of negotiations about books I purchased.

Guess that’s why it was way better to go home earlier than planned. I wish I could like this day’s events as much as I do my books.

33rd MIBF Haul Part 2
33rd MIBF Haul Part 2

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