The Secret Zoo

The Secret Zoo
The Secret Zoo
By Bryan Chick
Read: October 2012

I love animals, especially ones that are brave and steal the spotlight from human characters.

And if it weren’t for the animals, I would’ve put this book down for good. Basically they were the reason that I got interested in this book. The other one was the Megan mystery but that was a very far second.

My interest of this book left me by myself the second I finished the fifth chapter. And I don’t know what the fifth chapter was about. All that I know is that it dragged from there on. Maybe even before that but I was just in denial and kept being optimistic about this book.

Frankly, I’m disappointed.

Yes, I got that Chick wanted to alternate scenes between the two groups of protagonists. But his buildup per chapter is like a kid seated on an old swivel chair and opened fire extinguisher, pushing himself forward to the brick wall with such force. What you have at the end is a mess. The first time it’s entertaining, perhaps even somehow refreshing. But when that routine gets repeated in the next 10 chapters, it just becomes sad. And you don’t want to see it anymore.

So what I did was I just powered thru it. Read everything but nothing registered in my head anymore, unless a string of words piqued my attention so I back track a few sentences or even a paragraph. This mostly happened with dialogues. But even the banter soon died on me.

The moment they reached home safe, I was seriously relieved. Finally the end to this book was near. But even with a hook for the next volume, it couldn’t reel me in. No more.

Flying penguins, living dodos, and gentle rhinos are nice. Fluffy polar bears are a plus. But they and the secrets they keep aren’t enough to keep me wandering around the zoo. Good for those who like this series. (Who would’ve thought?) But I am leaving.


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