A Partial Reading

Is There a God? Richard Swinburne Photo from Amazon
Is There a God?
Richard Swinburne
Photo from Amazon.com

Who still reads while on the train? Besides me, that is.

The current situation here is that the passengers are increasing, what with the repairs the government is doing to the biggest and most troubled highway. So the rush hour crowd has gotten bigger and slower. And packing as much into a small train is such a hassle. Because it’s that crammed, it’s a trouble to read, let alone get a book out of the bag.

And that is why I was delighted to hear someone reading a book on the train today.

You might want to read that sentence again.

Since I was feeling groggy, I held fast to the handle but with my feet in a terrible position, I also had to do a balancing act. Every time the train would stop, I’d either slide or be squished. Plus the two guys on my right were making noise with their phones: one was watching a movie while the other was playing a game. Obviously, I wouldn’t get some sleep so I just closed me eyes, for some comfort.

Past six stations, the noise went down but I began hearing something else. It was not loud, just audible enough. It was coming from my left. A continuous train of words riding on a male voice. It didn’t sound like a textbook or a novel. But I kept hearing the word “father.” And that was enough for me to look at source of the sound.

He looked like a college guy, tall and wearing a green golf shirt. Even with people squeezing by around him, he kept reading. He didn’t allow himself to be bothered by the rest of the crowd.

Because he was being jostled at every stop, I got a glimpse of the title of his book. Is There a God?

To alight, I had to pass by him too. He really held on to his book. I never got to see who the author was.

Once I got to the office, I Googled it and—according to search results—it’s by Richard Swinburne and it came out in 2010. Basically, it makes a case for God, pitting modern doubts with credible answers.

I don’t know where that guy is in his spiritual walk or if he is on one at all. One could read that book to look for the flaws in the arguments or use it a guide to where to go. Or just to while away the train ride. However it is, at least people are still searching for truth, asking questions, reading.


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