A Whole Other Contest | Daily Prompt: Competition

What activity, task, or game most brings out your competitive streak?

In no particular order

 Brisk walking – trying to keep up with my older brother who took really long strides made me like this. And racing with people from the office has just honed this skill further! You know the types: people raring to get home will take any short cut to get there faster. And getting ahead of the others just makes the whole race interesting.
 Fast eating – read: not stuffing myself silly. That’s a whole other contest.
 Experimenting with food – what people see as me messing with my food is just me being curious with other flavors to come up with different and interesting tastes.
 Drawing/Painting – one of the few things that the grownups of my childhood approved of since it was a quiet activity. And it didn’t consume much electricity!
 Creating stuff out of clay, building bricks, paper, etc. – same as the above, just that it asked for relatively more space and containers. Thank goodness for little plastic cans and buckets.
 General info, pop, and myth/folklore questions – reading my brother’s school books and magazines at such young age and inexplicably retaining such knowledge—guess there’s some use for it.
 Impromptu/Extemporaneous Speeches – I surprised myself most with this since I do not like public speaking. I’d rather write than talk.

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