Condiments Not Included? | Daily Prompt: Five a Day

You’ve being exiled to a private island, and your captors will only supply you with five foods. What do you pick?

I believe I could come up with about 10 recipes using only these five. Condiments not included in the five, right?

  • Rice – a true testament of my being a full-blooded Filipino and the heritage I share with other Asians.
  • Tuna – great source of protein and the only fish I could agree to eat raw or cooked—but I would prefer cooked.
  • Coconuts – the meat could be turned into dessert and the juice is a good purifier of the body.
  • Lemons – boosts immune system and reduces certain pains and illnesses.
  • Bok Choi – I need vegetables, preferably high in fiber.

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  2. wow- what healthy and smart choices — beats my choices–sparkling wine, cheese, chocolate, pizza, and pears


    1. matiserrano says:

      Hahaha~ I plan to outlast the exile, which I hope isn’t that long. Your choices are interesting–and I bet I’d trade with you by the 3rd month, if it were possible.


      1. if we were on the same island we could share


        1. matiserrano says:

          Good idea! (Hope our captors don’t catch us doing so.)


          1. no–that would not be good


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