Off to the Transformation | Daily Prompt: Trading Places

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be a member of the opposite sex for a day? What do you think life would be like?


Yes, yes I have. Since I listen to radio shows at the office, I have wondered about this—since it was the topic for the day—and a host of other things as well. Cue in that song by Beyonce and R. Kelly to set the mood. Or not.

From what I have gathered from my (otaku) friends, I would look cute as a girl. How they qualified that, I never asked and I do not want to know.

But I have questions myself. Do I know beforehand that I will turn into a girl for 24 hours (read: sufficient mental prep time for me, family, and the office) or would it be a surprise (read: panic)? When do I turn into a girl: the second I wake up or while I’m still sleeping (making that part of the 24 hours)? And when does it happen: weekday or weekend?

Off to the transformation.

I’d definitely miss my original parts. They were elemental to my waking hours. But there’s new territory to explore! It would be easy to just stay at home but if I had to go out, I don’t know if my new body would fit or even be comfortable in my old clothes. And I wouldn’t dare borrow from my mother.

Morning rituals look like a haze right now. I can’t imagine a single solid thing, from bathing to breakfast.

Commuting to the office would give me a first-hand experience on what it would be like to ride at the all-female car of the train. Legend has it that the women who take it are like quarterbacks with purses.

At the office, would my jobs change since I transformed? The stuff that I do there are usually meant for a man so I doubt they’d let a woman do it. How would the guys react seeing me? And would the female friends I have turn on me now that I am one of them? Keep the enemy closer—would that be the tactic now?

Do I tweet and update my status more, as a girl? Text friends while already multitasking at the office?

Going home still remains a race. The creeps have crossed paths with me as a guy. I don’t think they’d let a girl go past them.

Family dinner sounds uncomfortable. Although I believe I’d want to eat. Would my appetite stay the same despite the body change? And how chatty would I be at the table with my family?

Now I’m wishing the 24 hours were over.


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