Display Duality | Daily Prompt: Odd Couple

Does a messy home (or office) make you anxious and cranky, or is cleaning something you just do before company comes over?

My table, my office, my room—they are reflections of me.

I believe my spaces display duality, which fits perfectly with my sign, if you believe in such things. And it so happens that I have two offices at the workplace and two personal spaces at home.

At the office, where I make the IDs, that place is messy by employee and employer standards. But only I bother with it, since I’m the only one who really uses it. My other office, where I sit close to a former magistrate, is more organized, which I credit to the certainly large table where certain office mates get some of the stuff they need. And because they too use that table, they want it organized to some level yet they don’t really move my things around.

Back home, my room is in order. In need of serious dusting, specially the shelf and the books—yes—but in order. My computer table is whole other world. That is chaos. And I admit to that. But what house guests see as disorderly I actually find comforting and familiar and easy. Even if it’s in disarray, I know where all my stuff is.

That is, until my mother “cleans and organizes” them.

Panic ensues when I discover that my space has space has been tidied up. It’s a scramble to find where is what but no worries. In less than two minutes, I have turned the world upside down again. It looks like stuff strewn everywhere but it’s really an organized mess.

Certain spaces allow both chaos and order not just to exist side by side but actually balance each other out. Is that the yin and yang principle in practice? I may need to take a second opinion—and another look.

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