A Whole Other Show Behind the Curtain | Daily Prompt: Freaky Friday

If you could be someone else for a day, who would you be, and why? If that seems too easy, try this one: who would you like to have spend a day as you and what do you hope they’d learn from the experience?

I become someone else?

Yes! If it were possible—and it wouldn’t just be limited to one person. I have number of people in mind.

  • A parent and my brother: to know how I am at home
  • My boss and a co-worker: to know how I am at the office
  • My driver: to know how I am as a passenger
  • My lunch buddy: to know how I am as a real-life friend
  • An Internet friend: to know how I am online
  • An enemy/hater: to know why gossips abound
  • A stranger: to know what first impression I give off

Someone else becomes me?

I don’t know of anyone who’d want to be me. At this point of my life, being me might be more of a punishment than a vacation. It sounds tempting to be vindictive but I’ll step away from that offer.

But if there’s someone who I want to have a clearer view of why I did what I did, a name comes to mind. My life looks like a something so spectacular. But that’s what people see on stage. There’s a whole other show behind the curtain.


7 Comments Add yours

  1. Serena says:

    I like you’re broad thinking here…. and I’m a stranger whose first impression of you is that…. you are a broad thinker 🙂


  2. snosler says:

    Egads … it is the thought of someone else being me for a day that scares me the most!


    1. matiserrano says:

      The secrets they’ll know?

      Unless it’s clear to me that everything they experienced as me (and vice versa) would be remembered, then I may reconsider. There are things I want to keep to myself.


  3. Hmmm… very intriguing your “whole other show behind the curtain.” So your goal is not to star in your own reality show?? :0


    1. matiserrano says:

      I need attention like any other person but not that much. Just enough to know I didn’t become accidentally invisible.


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