Never Trade the Sabbath | Daily Prompt: Success!

Tell us about a time where everything you’d hoped would happen actually did.

I was called in for an exam by one of the country’s famous and famed publications.

So there I was with about 18 other kids. The whole morning we spent answering tests and filling out forms. We were dismissed for lunch then had to come back after an hour for an interview, which took the rest of the afternoon.

With all that over plus some cuts leaving less than 10, we were told to return the next day for one more interview. The next day happened to be Saturday. Saturday is Sabbath for us. While a guy was taking note of who was left from the original 18, I thought about my dilemma.

Frankly, I could use the work. And being part of this company wouldn’t be bad. But also, I’ve been taught since I was a kid to never trade the Sabbath—not for money or work or anything or anyone else. While there have been others of the same faith as I who have bent to the dictates of others, I chose to stand my ground. I said I cannot make it tomorrow.

My parents expected really good news from me. Well, there was. But the homestretch got choked.

Next day, Sabbath, my family and I were at church. I wasn’t really that ecstatic about the results of my job hunt. So I didn’t tell anyone about it at church. I left it all in the hands of God.

Just after we got home from church, the phone rang. It was the company. And they expected me to show up first thing Monday morning for the interview scheduled that day.

Long story short: I got the job with the company and still have the Sabbath—even until today! And the rest of that is history.



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  1. jojo says:

    well, there you go. god works in mysterious ways.


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