Change Without Prior Notice | Daily Prompt: I Want to Know What Love Is

We each have many types of love relationships — parents, children, spouses, friends. And they’re not always with people; you may love an animal, or a place. Is there a single idea or definition that runs through all the varieties of “love”?

It is unpredictable.

Admittedly, I am one of the wrong people to answer this question. And that matter is a whole other—and such a personal—blog. I won’t go into any more details.

But for the loves that I have and had, the only common string I see running through all of them is that it can change without prior notice, even if no wanted it to.

Yes, I love my family but my love relation with each member varies greatly. Same goes for friends, those who were and still are. Despite commonalities among them, I approach every one of them differently in a manner that befits their relation to me, their personality, and our history together.

Why do I say unpredictable? Besides being the truth, it’s what keeps things interesting and people on their toes and at the edge of their seat.


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  1. I agree with you. It is so varied. And I think that’s a good thing. Great post!


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