Be the Echo | Daily Prompt: Freedom of Facebook

Facebook has recently come under attack for failing to enforce its own guidelines on hate speech and violent imagery. Is it a website’s job to moderate the content its users post, or should users have complete freedom? Is there a happy medium? If so, how would you structure it?

It would be wrong to say that it is just one party’s responsibility.

Both Facebook and its users must be responsible for what gets posted in its pages and walls. The users must be familiar with the guidelines and follow them while the administration must see to it that those who use the medium abide by and enforce the rules.

Administering the rules requires strength to put down something that has potential to do harm despite how trending it could be. Implementation also asks for manpower. May those that watch over what happens in this medium remain vigilant and steadfast and see to it that freedom remains fair to everyone, themselves included.

The freedom that the users seek and enjoy doesn’t just encompass what is on their walls. It includes the very circles that they are in, the actual people that they are connected to and not just profile pictures with status updates. It is not solely about mindlessly posting whatever they choose, disregarding who and what may be affected by it. Users must be mindful of what they share with the rest of the world.

Everything that you put up online is—in itself—a voice sent out to the world. And the world has a way of echoing back what you say. If want to like what you would hear, be the echo.


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  1. Very good post. I agree with ” Users must be mindful of what they share with the rest of the world.” and I’ve been seeing some posting trends on my FB feed that are a little negative, specially by people who own businesses and I think you just gave me ammunition for a new post 🙂


    1. matiserrano says:

      Thank you! I believe that what a person says has a way of coming back to him, in one form or another–that’s why a person has to consider what he shares online.
      Re: ammunition: glad I was able to help in a way.


  2. Great post … whatever happened to common sense? If you post something bad on FB there can be nothing but harsh comebacks to you. Let’s all be conscientious of what we say and respect one another.


    1. matiserrano says:

      True! Sadly, some can get emotional then be carried away by what they feel or imagine. Things can get out of hand or worse.


      1. It is very sad … emotions, especially in the teen years, can be very fragile. Perhaps, talking about proper posting will help. Thanks for posting.


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