A House That is Falling Apart | Daily Prompt: Silver Linings

Write about something you consider “ugly” — war, violence, failure, hatred — but try to find beauty, or a sense of hope, in your thoughts.

Have you seen a bunch of beautiful people get into an ugly mess?

Messes are everywhere. And everyone has them. They happen every day. But it’s not every day that messes get washed out in public. And when that happens, oh the dirt that comes out!

Recently, a prominent family here got into one such mess. It started innocently enough: a Twitter war. It’s not like it’s something new but—you know how it is online—you could make a fake account and troll the day away. Anyone could say who you are but that’s just assumptions until they could prove your identity. Or trace everything back to you, whichever happens first.

So from online bashing that they believed was made by someone from the same family, their very house got divided. Wife versus husband, brother versus sister, and parent versus child. Guess it doesn’t sound as bad when it’s put like that but, if you’re part of the reading public, the details that each side exposes at every opportunity borders on disgusting. And somehow you forget how beautiful they are when you are faced with such ugly private details that should’ve remained private.

Family matters should remain in the family. Even if the household is made up of celebrities and public figures, no one should go out to wash the dirty laundry out in the open.

But all this wouldn’t have gotten out of hand if someone from the offended party just took the time to ask if who they believed was the troll actually was. But assumptions tend to get the best of people, even those who we believe remain beautiful in any aspect.

My thoughts are with the family. I hope they straighten it all out. It’s disheartening to know of a house that is falling apart—and all from the little termites inside the very walls that hold it up.

Assumptions rarely do humans any good. Ask. It’s better to be ignorant for a while than stupid for so long.


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  1. Rebecca says:

    First of all, thanks for the like on “Thinking should be a law”. Sounds like the people you know didn’t do enough of it. Yes, Facebook and Twitter are NOT meant to be a place for family feuds. What is there about people that think they can put something out there and not expect it come back and bite them in the butt. I have some family members that need to do some editing themselves.

    Anyway, thanks again.


  2. matiserrano says:

    Family feuds should just stay in the family and nowhere else.
    It pains me to see such a thing happening.
    Re: family members: may they get straightened out.


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