Otaku Hangover (Zetsuboshita!)| Daily Prompt: RSVP

Plan the ultimate celebration for the person you’re closest to, and tell us about it. Where is it? Who’s there? What’s served? What happens?

I won’t be able to pull this off in my financial state right now.

So, for the rest of this post, allow me to speak as a restless rich young billionaire who’s about to throw a surprise birthday bash for his best friend—because he kind of missed the real birthday this year.

Like what usually happens, I’d tell Jake that we’d be going on another food trip this weekend. He says yes. And since the supposed restaurant is near their place, which is conveniently near the airport, I swing by their house and we go off. In to the airport and on to a plane.

Off we go to Japan!

How I got him a passport and visa is but a mere sleight of hand. Of course he can’t resist asking where are we going and why. Hah! Like I’d tell him.

"He's up to something. But what?"
“He’s up to something. But what?”

From the airport we go straight to Sawada-koen Rotemburo Onsen at Dogashima, Izu-hanto, which happens to be one of best outdoor hot springs in the country. And when we go in, we are greeted by Japanese women in beautiful kimonos who gives us smiles and offer us a fresh change of clothes. Yukata to be exact. But when he comes out, he’s wearing a hakama. By now, he suspects something else altogether.

Itoshiki Nozomu. And look! He's facing the ocean.
A guy in a hakama. And look! He’s facing the ocean too.

We are called out of our room and into another where a bigger surprise awaits.

Not only is the room bigger with a better view of the Pacific Ocean, a number of his friends are there—all dressed up in a particular Japanese uniform. I take off my yukata and reveal the uniform underneath. What kind of uniform? The ones from the anime series, “Sayonara, Zetsubou-Sensei!” which is one of his favorite anime. By now, Jake gets why he’s wearing a hakama: he unknowingly cosplayed Nozomu Itoshiki, the lead character of the anime.  This also gives everyone a good excuse to cosplay or crossplay, since the girl characters outnumber the boy characters. Or any of the Itoshiki household.

The class is practically a harem.
The class is practically a harem.
Just some of the guys.
Just some of the guys.
Itoshiki Household
Itoshiki Household

They greet Jake as if he was Nozomu Itoshiki and class was just beginning. And, of course, we all sing him a happy birthday.

We lead him to the seat of honor. And the games begin. Cue in the groans and complaints and the objections. But that’s the condition: to get a pass for the bath, we must play games. So variations of the hangman are played.

Anyone wanna play?
Anyone wanna play?
The whole class is in on it!
The whole class is in on it!

As promised, after working a good deal of sweat, we head out for the baths.

Dressed in yukatas, we head back into the room where Japanese and French fares await us. Practically everyone is inebriated in a matter of two hours, thanks to the overflowing sake. And while everyone is making a ruckus, a lonely plate of cake watches me as I go out to and call our parents. They have to know that we arrived okay and we’ll go home tomorrow with a terrific hangover only an otaku could have.

As the party goes on.
As the party goes on.

9 thoughts on “Otaku Hangover (Zetsuboshita!)| Daily Prompt: RSVP

  1. This was great! There is so much detail and thought on this. This guy, Jake, sounds like an awesome guy, if you would do all this for him, if you were rich. But who knows…maybe you don’t have to go all out, but this is a good idea for the future ;). I haven’t heard of this series or movie, but I am curious now. My anime watching these days, is kind of sad.

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