1/24 Second of Howl’s Moving Castle

Howl's Moving Castle (from www.animevice.com)
Howl’s Moving Castle (from http://www.animevice.com)

Don’t you just love surprises, even the little ones?

Our company lawyer is someone you’d never think of as an otaku. He’s past 40 (I believe) and is married and has a kid. He talks of cases and court-related stuff. That’s until he chats me up and asks me what I have been downloading and watching.

He loves samurai anime but every once in a while looks for something out of the ordinary.

That’s why he came across one of Master Hayao Miyazaki’s classics, “Howl’s Moving Castle.” He was so impressed by it that, one day, while he was out shopping with his missus, he saw this curious little piece of film embedded in what appears to be glass. Or is it crystal or something else entirely? Whatever! He then checked the box and recognized the title. Curiouser, he asked how much for the piece. From what I remember of his tale, it was less than Php200.00. That’s cheap. So cheap he bought two.

A few days after, he remembered his purchase when we began talking anime again. He told he’d bring it over for me to see.

Sure enough he did. But not just that. He gave it to me.

Upon closer inspection, it’s Calcifer while in the fireplace. I don’t actually know exactly which scene that is taken from since Calcifer is often in the fireplace. That had me thinking: what if all the owners of these had to gather and line-up in sequential order of the actual film?

Just wondering, that’s all.

1/24 Second of Howl’s Moving Castle
1/24 Second of Howl’s Moving Castle

18 thoughts on “1/24 Second of Howl’s Moving Castle

  1. I have watched Howl’s moving castle everyday for like a month, it’s a movie I could never get tired of. Definitely a good movie for a rainy day.


  2. came across a huge stash of these items at uniwide coastal mall selling for 29 each and bought 30 of them. looked them up and found out that on ebay, you have people selling them for 10-50 us dollars each.


      • i like the one which has black-haired howl resting in bed with old sophie watching over him best, although you can’t really see much detail, with everything so small and dark. i have several of calcifer, including one similar to yours. they were still sealed in plastic, but time has taken their toll and the acrylic has turned a bit yellow. i got them less than a week ago, they’re probably still there at uniwide if you’re interested in acquiring more of them.


        • Similar to mine?! Really?! Then again, these are scenes from fractions of a seconds so maybe there will be similar ones out there.

          Thanks for the info! But from what I know, the scenes that I want are already taken.


  3. Amazing. But I have a question. These items come with any kind of authenticity certificate or something? You know, a document that guarantee that the frame is real. Someone knows?

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