Quit My Job | Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump

What’s the biggest risk you’d like to take — but haven’t been able to? What would have to happen to make you comfortable taking it?

First of all, this DP sounds familiar, almost like this one.

Anyway, to answer: quit my job right now.

I cannot quit my job. Not right now, at least.

Why can’t I?

  • The funds are low.
  • I still have a test that I must pass to create more employment opportunities for me.
  • Job hunting during the rainy-flood season isn’t really a good idea.
  • I gave myself until the New Year to get it altogether so, when I leave, it would be okay.

Frankly, I’d quit tomorrow if I was guaranteed the following:

  • I would get the company’s midyear bonus.
  • I would land a stable and much better job—minus the hunt!
  • I would get a better pay.

33 thoughts on “Quit My Job | Daily Prompt: Might As Well Jump

      • I have worked for the past 43 years and then something that I never thought would happen…Happened!

        I met a man who wanted me to stay at home and do things with him. I had a great full-time job that I liked but didn’t particularly respect my Manager or the lack of Management in the company. People who were “bully’s” were allowed to remain that way and were never called on the things they did and said to other personnel there. It was a hostile environment but I was protected from it during some of the hours of the day. I had longed to not HAVE to work and now it was all coming true…BUT, is this a good move or a bad one?

        There are some days when I just want to take any job offered to me to just get out of the house. I have gone from being self-supporting and active to semi-active and somewhat dependent. This is not who I am and it doesn’t always feel good. There are many times when he is rude and discounting and disrespectful and those are the times I so regret leaving my job. Those are the times in life when I “Run Away”. I try to talk with him before this happens but he is always right and I am always wrong so I feel that this is a lost cause so I automatically retreat. I go inside of myself and do not talk, eat, or interact with him. He seems so oblivious to this part of me.

        I know this man loves me. We spend a lot of time laughing, golfing, playing cards, going fishing, skiing, and have been to many concerts and more to come this summer. We are taking a long train trip this year.

        While this is absolutely wonderful, there is always that feeling in my heart and my head that asks me if this is good “FOR ME”.

        Sure, it is nice to not have to get up early each morning but I believe that I work harder at home than I ever did at work even though I owned my own small retail store and worked an average of 14 hrs a day!

        There are great days, good days and then there are times when things are not so good, as with every relationship. The most difficult part of this is that I sometimes need to ask him for money and that is something that I have never done before and is very difficult for me. I feel that because I am not working, I MUST work extra hard and do as much as possible at the house and outside. I also have that sinking feeling sometimes that WHAT IF he decides that he doesn’t want to be together any longer. Where will I be then? What will I do?

        So, for me working or not working is a double-edged sword. Am I really free to pursue my hopes and dreams or must I remain under someone else’s control doing what they want me to do, feeling that I must do, do, do in order to pay for my room and board. Are these just my own feelings of inadequacy or is this a real problem facing me and many others who do the same thing.

        This is a conundrum for certain! Let me know what your thoughts are or share your stories.


        • I know how it feels to want to spend but have nothing. Or know that you have a source but would hate to ask for it, even when there is whatever you want to ask.
          And I don’t want to go back to that. With a work that pays, not only do I have money for myself, I got spare to help my family.
          I’d hate to be a freeloader and a bum.


            • That’s good.
              But here, even the smart and the educated find a hard time getting hired. The govt has done little to decrease unemployment.
              Setting up your own business is also good–if you have the knack for it.


              • Apparently I did have the knack for it and loved it! I began my doing a demographic survey of my surrounding area (less than 1000 people locally) and then moved out into the county. It took a leap of faith and, believe me, faith is what got me through many months. I began my store, which became a very big business for me, on only $3000. This is what it took to begin, other than 60-80 hrs per week of hard work which paid off in many ways.
                I began my little business within the building my cabinet shop was located and I was out of town so business was booming in the beginning but I lived near enough to a large town that I had to find the perfect customer service plan to entice people to Buy Locally and not go to town. What I offered my customers was exemplary customer service and I would adjust my prices to fit the budget of the people who did come into my little store. I knew most of them and that always worked well for me. When my store grew and I had to move into town, I continued to do the same thing with my prices and added sampling of products that I carried as well as having BBQ’s, entertainment, etc. which attracted people from all over the state. It was so wonderful and I knew when it was time to sell it and move on.
                As far as the government goes, I do not believe that it is up to the government to supply its people with anything other than ensure their safety as best they can. It is up to the government to aid in lowering unemployment rates and to provide its people with accurate information. Something that we are still awaiting…
                I feel that I have truly been blessed to have a relationship where it is give and take on both sides. My husband and I have a wonderful arrangement and it works for us. I would love it if this would happen to others.
                I wish you the best success and agree with you that sometimes you just have to make a choice (and, for me, have faith that all will be good).


  1. land a job minus the hunt and selection, preferably with two extra digits from the last one. i’d jump for that!

    what? can’t blame a man from dreaming, can you?! 😉


  2. I was fired twice from the same job in the same year. This caused me to really think about what I was doing with my life. I realized that I was only trying to make a paycheck but I truly was not happy. I remembered a phrase from the documentary “Jiro Dreams of Sushi” where sushi master Jiro says, “You have to love what you do.” I remember a little tear coming out because I knew I had absolutely no love for the jobs I was fired from so I knew that now was the time to take hold of what I really wanted in life. Some people are talented enough to do really well at jobs they do not feel passionate about. I cannot. That said, I hope that you take some time to look deep inside and think of what you are passionate about. And do that.

    If money were no object, what would you do?


    • That’s a really good tip. Thanks! And I might try to see that documentary, if I could find it.
      Anyway, I’d like to write for a magazine or be part of editing team for books. Possibly even teach.
      I’m going to quit because six days a week is slowly doing me in. I have missed my weekends for too long.


  3. I hear you about the six day a week thing. I was doing it for a very long time and it was annoying and frustrating. If you feel the need to move on, you should do it. You aren’t getting any younger and life is to be enjoyed.


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