The Joke of the Day | Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness

Describe a moment of kindness, between you and someone else — loved one or complete stranger.

I’ll always be in wonder of how muscles could be twisted in a great number of ways.

One time, my best friend Jake and I were mall-hopping. To get to the next stop, we had to take a jeep. He got in first and I followed. Luckily, there was one seat left. Although it looked like only half of my butt would be able to sit.

Still, I squeezed myself in to what little space there was.

By wedging myself between the passengers, I began to feel pain. Not in my rear, mind you. But in my arm. Until now, I do not understand how that happened. Maybe because, as I tried to get myself seated, the jeep moved forward too fast and shocked my muscles. Well, that’s my theory. I could still be corrected.

Anyway, that 15-minute ride felt like a whole day, all thanks to the pain.

Once we got off the jeep, I made my way to the men’s room at the mall. I wanted to check my arm. While we dashed, I told Jake what happened. He said something about the way I sat.

There we were, in front of the mirror. Jake was checking out his hair. I was nursing my arm.

Maybe I looked pitiful. Maybe I looked strange. Maybe I looked like I needed a happy pill. Whatever it was, the janitor’s interest got piqued and asked me what was wrong. So I began telling him about the jeep ride.

Even before I could finish my story, he had my arm in his hands. And he was massaging it!

He went at it for about less than five minutes and then let go. I felt better. Creeped out a bit but better. I thanked him but never bothered to know his name—because I was creeped out, in case you missed that part.

For his part, Jake just pointed out the obvious: I got massaged in the men’s room. And that was the joke of the day.


34 thoughts on “The Joke of the Day | Daily Prompt: Moment of Kindness

  1. “Isa nalang lalakad na… Maluwag, maluwag…” pero pag pasok maluwag pa ang panty na 1 size smaller… I guess this comment is even creepier than a guy massaging a guy in the men’s washroom :p


  2. Sorry, don’t mean to upset anyone here but why is an act of kindness met with wariness? Why do we think something is up when someone extends a helping hand? Sometimes people just want to help…extend your arm too.


    • If you could be touched by strangers in parts that aren’t normally touched in order to be helped without feeling uncomfortable about it, good for you.
      Please just be fully aware that there are people out there who feel uncomfortable at the touch of another human, especially by strangers, more so when done without their permission.
      Yes, I know there are people out there who want to help strangers. And that is good.
      But there are strangers who – under the guise of extending aid to another human – did harm to very people they said they would help. In worse cases, killed them.
      I believe my recognition of the help is in the right place. So is my wariness of the situation.


      • I fully understand and agree with what you are saying. I wasn’t so much focusing on your case in particular. Instead I was somewhat bemoaning the fact that genuine help nowadays is not received without caution or without the receiver thinking the giver wants something in return or will otherwise get some benefit out of it. I am aware of the dangers, just wish things weren’t the way they are. Thanks for the reply.


        • Thank you for clearing that up.
          Yes, it is sad that that is what most people believe nowadays. Although there are still a few who have great faith in genuine kindness, we can’t blame the others for how they react to such situations. It is what they have been exposed to, more than others. And when such things begin to happen, often their instincts kick in.
          Had our world been safer, I believe then we wouldn’t be as wary as we are when strangers approach us.
          And thank you for asking.


  3. Sounds like he might have experienced the same kind of pain himself and just knew what needed to be done. Still, it probably would have been easier on you if he had at least explained what you needed before taking your arm in his own hands 🙂


  4. Sometimes, the most genuine kindness does come from strangers. In a lot of cases, actually, there are strangers that are just lonely, and they don’t have someone to extend the kindness to. I think that what the man did was very thoughtful, but it probably would have been a little safer for him to have asked for permission. The story did make a great joke though! Great joke to go along with an unfamiliar, yet genuine story. 🙂


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