Not Welcoming | Daily Prompt: Ha Ha Ha

Tell us a joke! Knock-knock joke, long story with a unexpected punchline, great zinger — all jokes are welcome!

Somewhere online

Mati: welcomes @Andrea to the P world!

Andreas: @Mati: it’s Andreas, not Andrea.

Mati: @Andreas: Andrea sounds more like a girl’s name than Andreas. It’s just like Andres.

Andreas: @Mati: I cannot do anything about it. That’s the name my parents gave me.

Mati: @Andreas: I guess that’s okay. 😀

Andreas: @Mati: if only I could change it, I would. But I have no choice. Oh! I cannot do this a lot. I have stuff. Sorry about that.

Mati: @Andreas: that’s okay! You’re busy, I know. Thanks anyway.

Erik: @Mati: I’m not welcoming her.

Andreas: @Erik: why not? But you greeted me on my own thread. Pretending to be a snob! You’re confusing, you know that?

Erik: @Andreas: @Mati already did. And if he hadn’t, I still wouldn’t.

Andreas: @Erik: why?

Erik: @Andreas: not my style.

Andreas: @Erik: you are obnoxious! I really thought you were nice.

Erik: @Andreas: there’s your fault right there: I never claimed to be nice. You thought I am. You suffer because of your assumption.

Andreas: @Erik: you’re so bad!

Mati: @Andreas and @Erik: straighten up you two! Flirt where you are, not on my thread.

Crow: =)) LMAO! That’s how to welcome a newbie to P.

Mati: @Crow: sorry about that, especially these two.

Crow: @Mati: haha no harm done to me. I don’t know about those two though.

Mati: @Crow: AFAIK, those have been heavily damaged even before this.

Andreas: @Mati: @Erik has affected you so much. You’re so bad. I hate you.

Erik: @Andreas: but don’t you just love bad boys!



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