Giving Kitty Away

Kitty Kitty
Kitty Kitty

It’s only been a few seconds since we gave away our kitten.

She doesn’t have an official name although we call her Kitty-Kitty, which sounds like the Filipino term kiti-kiti that means mosquito larvae, which moves so fast and is so active—and that is just like the kitten.

First meeting of the kitten on the early evening of April 11, 2013
First meeting of the kitten on the early evening of April 11, 2013

Ma found her stuck between the tree and metal fence. Or she thought that the kitten was stuck. When I checked, she could move freely. She just wanted to be there. She looked pitiful. And hungry! So we fed her. And since that April 11 night, she stayed with us.

Pa looked for her mother for a very long time.

One of the neighbors said that Kitty belongs to them. Well, we never really claimed that she was ours. So if they want her back, she was theirs for the taking. But they never did.

Kitty continued to stay with us for the remainder of the summer. She grew fast. Yet she could remind us of how small and young she really is when summer rains come and she darts inside the house for warmth and shelter. Or when there is a sudden storm and the thunder peals, which scares her so much. She’d wait by the door for it to open and scurry in and under the table without noise.

Feeding time
Feeding time

Since we don’t really own pets, caring for animals was done by ear. Like when she scratched her ears raw, Pa used Betadine on her. I believe that helped. Her ear infection was a whole other matter. It was Pa who did what he could for that. And for the record, though Pa was indifferent to her at the start, he gradually warmed up to her. He even got excited when he discovered that Kitty could shake paws with him, which she would do when he would pass by the gate.

That cat always loved hanging around the gate. Other houses had guard dogs. We had a guard cat.

Guard Cat off duty
Guard Cat off duty

She hardly ever left our alley. She was content in this little world of hers. But we feared for her because the other neighborhood cats—especially the males—would bully her. That’s how Ma termed it. And she feared for the worse. Being a female cat, it’s likely that she would get pregnant and, as much as we liked Kitty, we wondered if we could care for a whole litter of cats. Pa found her mother. I asked if he could bring Kitty to her. I never really got an answer.

And I guess that’s when the search for a new owner began.

Ma said that, if we did find a new owner, she’d be sad. Kitty has been her greatest distraction so far. She loved feeding her. And even though it was hard-fast rule that the cat should not be let in the house, that rule was done away with when Kitty charmed the rest of the household. Ma loved feeing her and watching her play with the broom and the vats. And how that cat would run circles between her legs!

Just two days ago, we learned our search had come to a stop.

One other neighbor expressed interest in Kitty. Not really for herself but her brother, who we just met this afternoon. And the way the cat warmed up to him so easily told us that he’ll be good to her.

I did not take a picture of them with her. Couldn’t get myself to. But I was there when they left with Kitty. And while I’m not entirely happy, I’m not that sad to see her go with a new family.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur
Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty, Little Ball of Fur

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