The Kitten Returns

Kitty at the gates
Kitty at the gates

We had little visitors this afternoon.

A chorus of children’s voices was heard outside of our house. Ma and I checked it out, since it could be that one of neighborhood kids lost their ball to our yard again.

Turns out, they had a cat with them. And it was Kitty!

She has grown, as evidenced by the fact that she could hardly fit into the bag, which was just bought last month. The family bought it so they could take her along whenever they’d go to the province.

Ma placed Kitty onto her lap for a while. Nostalgia was on my mother’s face as she held the familiar feline.

Ma really loves the cat
Ma really loves the cat

Pa asked for the name of the girl who brought her. She said her name is Pia and that she and her dad—the guy who took Kitty last month—are the ones who really take care of the cat. But the whole family loves her.

While Ma regaled the kids with stories of when Kitty was still with us, she placed the kitten on her usual spot on the gate posts. She hasn’t forgotten her watch tower. She circled it. And curled tail around the iron fence. She knew that this was home.

A cat loved
A cat loved

But she has a new home. And she’d be there again in a while. So while we felt bitter-sweetness to this visit, it was great to know that she is in good hands. And that she is loved!



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