Small Windows | Daily Prompt: The Stat Connection

Go to your Stats page and check your top 3-5 posts. Why do you think they’ve been successful? Find the connection between them, and write about it.

First off a question: must we really include “Archives”?

I am certain people are curious, in general. And not just about what they see in my blog. It’s understandable to see the “About” page included in the Top 5—although mine has been renamed to “My Introduction”. I guess those two go hand-in-hand: if you discover the author, you may want to read works other than what you saw on the initial page. And vice versa! (I only asked the question because the default term—“Archives”—makes it sound like it’s a cramped place filled with dust but—yes, I know—it’s just terminology and it’s not like it is an actual room. And BTW, because of my settings, my home page is the “Archives”.)

The stats page’s Top 5 would always include the previous post, whatever that is. Tonight, it was last night’s Daily Prompt.

Now for the other two that would round up the Top 5, which happen to be—surprise!—“The Letter that Killed Me” and “The Girl I Did Not Write About”.

Until this day, I find it inexplicably amazing how many people identified with “Letter”. It astounds me to no end. And, at times, it even mystifies me to the point that I read it again if only to gain a perspective—to really see—what the others saw. I could only imagine.

As for “Girl”, I think of it like a sequel to “Letter”. Or possibly even a closure of sorts to the story.

How are all five connected? They speak of me. They reveal my experiences. And they are small windows into little frozen moments of my past, which I have allowed the readers to see through.

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  1. Ms. Roberts says:

    People love reading about other people to either gain perspective or relate to the other person. It’s no wonder that those are popular posts, especially when one was a Freshly Pressed one.


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