Save 651 Trees in Naga City

(Picture from
(Picture from

My family just heard the news tonight.

Naga City, Camarines Sur was in the limelight, even for a short while. The video showed a road that both my parents are familiar with. My mother lived there for a while. My father passed through it many times. They are more than familiar with the sight of trees that seem to embrace each other in that stretch, the smell of the air, the scent of the leaves and the bark, and the coolness of the shade. They may not know each tree but they have come to love the place and what the trees have been doing for the people for many years now.

But each of the 651 trees today is in danger.

What started out as proposal to ease the traffic in the area has taken a turn for the worse. A number of government officials are insistent that the road widening happening. It’s not that the locals aren’t for economy and a better flow of vehicles—but at such a cost?

Should the option be to uproot either the families or the trees?

Personally, I don’t want to choose, if those were the only choices. I’d rather bear with the traffic than ruin either nature or homes. I want neither!

Roads and houses and buildings take months. Trees take years. And even that isn’t always guaranteed.

Could you please help me save 651 trees by signing this petition? It won’t just be the trees you’d save. It would also be the people and the land you’d rescue.


What do you think?

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