Friend Requests Don’t Expire?

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Not every social network is the same.

Some do not allow interaction without being a contact first. Then are those who do not ask for such requirements just to interact. I’ve always found the second one more appealing. You could talk to them about stuff then determine later on if you want to be friends—or not—with such a person.

And, at times, one moment of connection is enough to spark a friend request.

You’ve had that one moment of connection with other people, haven’t you?

One moment when total strangers see eye to eye with you on a certain topic. Replies from the two of you seem to be coming from the same mind. It’s like tuning in to the same frequency and talking about it. You get the impression that—maybe—there’s more to this person than just what you have just discussed. So, while the iron is still hot, you strike. You send out a friend request.

And you wait for an approval. And you wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait.

Upon a certain number of days—say seven—you begin to wonder if it was noticed. You take faith in the site’s notifications. And, of course, the emails! And you are certain that the potential friend has been going online. Not that you have been stalking but you are where that person posts and replies to other people.

Possibly, by day eight, it’s starting to dawn on you: the request won’t be disapproved nor approved. It will be ignored. It already is.

Bites, doesn’t it?

For bigger optimists, waiting is still the option. Or take solace in the thought that—despite all the possible notifications—the request was not ignored, it just hasn’t been noticed. Or dismiss this as the first test of friendship!

Maybe some friend requests don’t ever expire. But how long would you remain interested in possibility of being friends?


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