The SONA and the Bureau of Customs | Daily Prompt: A House Divided

Pick a divisive issue currently in the news. Write a two-part post in which you take on two personas and approach the topic from both sides. Bonus points for a creative format (roundtable discussion, debate transcript, etc.).

Part One

Shy: did you watch the SONA yesterday?

Mati: no, I didn’t. Didn’t even read the speech. What about it?

Shy: well, I was just thinking how good it was of the President to set those guys at the Bureau of Customs straight. They really should stop with all their corrupt ways. Who knows how many bribes and illegal stuff they have hidden in who knows where?

Mati: who knows where indeed! I guess that’s going to keep them on their toes from now on. But didn’t the bureau chief resign?

Shy: he did pass his resignation—but the President would have none of that!

Mati: so what was the point of all those words against Customs?

Shy: to set them right, of course!

Mati: but didn’t the President shame the Chief?

Shy: nah! They’re terribly good friends—you know how you roast your friends sometimes in public?

Mati: yeah.

Shy: think of it this way: it was a roasting on an epic scale.

Part Two

Rave: did you watch the SONA yesterday?

Mati: no, I didn’t. Didn’t even read the speech. What about it?

Rave: well, I was just thinking how awful it was of the President to shame the Customs Chief during his speech. I know the Customs is not a bureau that is to be proud of. But to embarrass them collectively like that on national TV? That’s taking it to a whole new level. No wonder the chief resigned.

Mati: yeah, I’ve heard of that too. But wasn’t the resignation disapproved?

Rave: yeah, which is why it is baffling: you outright shame a person live on TV, person feels embarrassed enough to resign, but you don’t accept his resignation? What is going on?

Mati: like I would know the answer to that.

Rave: I mean, if you want people to clean their act, say so. But to purposefully humiliate them and yet insist on keeping them on your team? I sure would like to find the logic in that!

Mati: well, maybe—just maybe—it does defy logic.

Rave: how does that happen?

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  1. trees7861 says:

    It had to be the SONA. I thought about that too but couldn’t even get pass the “I didn’t watch/read it” part, because it’s so true in my case. Not to mention that my other self did not even want to engage me with a pretend argument about it. LOLs!. Nice one!


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