You are Now God. Congratulations! | Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

Walking down the street, you encounter a folded piece of paper on the sidewalk. You pick it up and read it and immediately, your life has changed. Describe this experience.

“You are now God. Congratulations!”

My first thoughts are this is just a dumb joke and this is too impo—I can’t finish the word. I know it’s a word. I can’t say it anymore. It’s like it just disappeared from my vocabulary.

And upon lifting my gaze from the pavement, I see not the end of the street, but the end of the universe as if it was as near as my own hand is to me. And everyone on the street looked more different; they seem to be clearer, more solid and yet fragile but powerful all at the same time. I guess I just came to realize that everyone holds great and terrible potential inside.

I look to other living things. The cat in the window. The dog on the street. The birds on the wire. The trees that line the avenues. The grass in the lawns. I know it’s morning and yet I could see the moon and the stars like it was night. Oh the stars! For some weird reason, I am certain how many there are at that very second. And I know where each one is in the same way I know each grain of sand, each blade of grass, each stretch of a stripe, and each strand of hair.

So many new thoughts. And all of them come to me while standing here.

Run. I just have to run. I head for the beach. With each step nearer the shore, I feel like I have become lighter, faster, stranger. It feels so good to run without feeling tired. I close my eyes and keep at the same direction. I only open my eyes when I my face began registering freshness, like being splashed with cold water.

With such abruptness, I stopped. In the middle of the ocean. I ran so far without knowing it. And standing there without fear, only certainty of myself. And of what I see in the deeps.

Of course, I look up. But I’m no longer standing on the water and between the waves. I am now beyond the skies. I see the moon closer than I have ever been. And sun has never been awesome as this morning. I fall in love with outer space.

But there’s more to love where I have started.


23 thoughts on “You are Now God. Congratulations! | Daily Prompt: Everything Changes

  1. “I see not the end of the street, but the end of the universe as if it was as near as my own hand is to me.” Mati…. wow… this line that I quoted… beautiful as is the rest… I am getting the sense that this could’ve become a longer piece but you stopped like I did with mine… fabulous read, Alexandra


  2. Love it. Very different than what I had exlected and better still than any alike. Ive read stories of what ppl thiught being God would be like–this is an amazing perspective. Thank you so much for sharing this clever piece! 😉 JayNine


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