The Silhouette’s Breeze | Daily Prompt: Three-Tenths

Scribble down the first ten words that come to mind. Pick three of them. There’s your post title. Now write!

Do you like soundtracks?

Soundtracks usually accompany a TV series or movie. Usually, the music is directly proportional to how the visual work is. And while some shows may not be good, their soundtracks are.

Admittedly, I buy and download a lot of soundtracks. Most of the time, the tracks I like are serendipitous finds—which are really awesome. Then there are times when, though there are many in the soundtrack, all I’m after is just one song.

One song, sometimes, is enough.

For instance, when I was watching the anime “Emma: A Victorian Romance”, I was easily drawn to the opening theme, which is entitled “Silhouette of a Breeze.” Predictably, I downloaded that one, along with the rest of the soundtrack. Besides the original version, there are other versions of the song, which I have come to love but not as much as the first one. When the second season of the series premiered, they came up with a Celtic version. I still loved it. Thus my collection of the versions of the song has grown.

While, yes, I have listened to the song and its versions many times, I never grow tired of the airy, cheerful quality. Other renditions make it sound wistful or grand. But each one always transport me to Victorian London, either on a locomotive passing through the countryside or walking inside a great mansion. Or just being outside, enjoying the breeze, the symphony of the city, and the silhouette of a memory.


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  1. acuriousgal says:

    I love this idea!!!


  2. Mr. Atheist says:

    I too am a sucker for musical scores. Lately I cannot get enough of MIchael Giacchino. Sometimes the score is much better than the show or the movie. Re-watching Lost, one of my favorite television programs from the past 10 years, I realized that Giacchino’s score was more than just a little music. It was as powerful, if not more powerful, than any individual character on the show.

    I guess good music does that.

    Great share!


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      I like Lost but never got to follow it after I began working and my weekend taken away from me. But I do remember the sweeping sounds from the show, especially when they made a discovery somehow near the end of almost every episode.
      I have another friend over at Facebook who loves Lost. The complete DVD pack arrived a few months ago. Raves about it endlessly, especially when he marathons it.


      1. Mr. Atheist says:

        Have a listen…. 😉


        1. Mati Serrano says:

          I’ll see what I could find. Thanks!


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