Book Before Food | House of Hades

Fanboy mode was on high mode this morning.

Upon meeting Pam this morning, I told her, “House of Hades. Today.” Well, that would be characteristic of me, rambling random stuff.

Half dragged her off to the mall with the promise of lunch there. But even before she could take a step in to her choice of restaurant, I stopped her. In my mind, the food could wait–it would be there. But there’s a good chance that the books may not.

I have a good idea of how fast books go, especially on the first day.

She conceded. We went in to the bookstore first. Saw the display and there they were. But those books were for display. I thought there must be a stock somewhere there. After a quick look, I would prove to be wrong. So we went back to the display.

Just as we got back, another kid showed up with the same interest on the books. Without a moment’s hesitance, he grabbed one and headed for the cashier.

Yes, I’d hate for things to get bloody in the bookstore so, after token photos, I picked one out and purchased what I had set my heart on for months. And, yes, I have the House of Hades with me now.

House of Hades on display
House of Hades on display


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  1. Eu says:

    So envious of you Kuya! XD Been waiting for this as well but ugh exams. D8 Luckily, sem break starts this Sat so… A_____A


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      Good luck with the exams!
      Major bookstores have this out now but check out the availability in the branches first.


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