Certified, Verified, Bona Fide Full-Blooded Reader | Filipino Fridays (1): Hello, Reader!

I am Mati, a crossbred reader.

After reading “Classification of Book Lovers & Other Readers” by Laura E. Kelly, I can definitely lay claim that I am a certified, verified, bona fide full-blooded “cross-species mutt”—her words, not mine. “[T]rue book lovers are very wide-ranging in their genetic makeup!” (And I do this as a part of the introduction for Filipino ReaderCon.)

What Reader Species Are You?
What Reader Species Are You?

I. Books as Love Objects – Cherished

  • The OCD Reader – not really much, just the part about loaning it to anyone—be it reader or non-reader because I have lost a great amount of unnumbered books to one friend who loaned it to someone else without my permission. Not one book was returned to me.
  • The Book Worshipper – if only because I “display” them on my shelves. But not all of them since the others are in a box somewhere. Or is it boxes? Whichever.
  • The Chronological Reader – I only did this with the following series: Percy Jackson & the Olympians by Rick Riordan, The Kane Chronicles by Rick Riordan, and The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins. Didn’t follow through with A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickett, The Last Apprentice by Joseph Delaney, The Lord of the Rings by J.R.R. Tolkien, and Harry Potter by J.K. Rowling.
  • The Library Lover – when I was still in school, yes! Every week at Friday, I would borrow at least three books I would read over the weekend—if there was no reading assignment for any literature or English class.

II. Books as Love Objects – Abused

  • The Book-Buster – though I hate it when my books’ covers are accidentally folded, pages crumpled, or get stained, I still have no qualms reading despite walking in the rain (with an umbrella, of course) or being in front of food.
  • The Book Rescuer – I’ve been buying previously owned books since I was in college. That was when I discovered the fun in scrounging piles of books, especially when I’m the only customer! I notice more stuff when there’s no one to distract me or get in my way.
  • The Book Thief – I am not of this type but my loathing for such types has no end. I have been jaded. Can you blame me? Especially those book thieves that take books away just to be sort of trophies and left to be unread. That gets me every time.
  • The Book Borrower – again, I am not of this type but it is not unusual for me to borrow books. Although I would rather that I get my own copy.


  • The Omnireader – admittedly, I am a half-baked one since I skip some parts of non-book reads, especially when things get a wee bit too technical for me or I am lost in a particular jargon.
  • The Comfort Reader – there’s a shelf that’s I have dedicated to my favorites—and only my favorites. Non-favorites have only two fates: they’re still new or unread thus in a separate shelf or the box. Or is it boxes?
  • The Kindle Convert – can never be this one. Reading e-books has always been a pain on my eyes. I cannot stand (nor sit for) them. That’s why I pity the e-books that friends have given. They’re left unread.
  • The Travelling Reader – part of my work is to liaise and part of liaising is waiting. So to while away the hours, I read. It has become a trademark of mine, so to speak. There are not that many people who read books while waiting in government and law offices. And although I have my own bookmark, I clip the ticket along with it—if there is one!
  • The Sleepy Bedtime Reader – I cannot be this one. The last advice of my late grandfather was for me not to read while lying in bed. I may read sitting up in bed, sitting up forcing me to be awake. So no.
  • The Bathroom Reader – I seriously dread the idea of soiling any part of the book with pee or poo. I’d like to focus on my business while in the loo. And when I am finished, I get out of there. I do not stay. Smells tend to distract me, be it mine or otherwise.


  • The (Sometime Way Too Dogmatic) Evangelist – yes, I do buy books that I have read before as gifts, especially for reader-friends but I believe I am not that pushy about knowing if they have read it or not.

Free Range

  • The Cross-Under – I am that: a grown-up who reads Y.A. and kids books. My friends tease me about it at every chance they get but I pity them as it’s likely they no longer connect with their inner child. (And what I read is part of the secret of why I look this young at my age.)
  • The Eclectic – if there was any goal as a reader, it’s to be this one. But my book sources are wanting—either that or I am ignorant of the existing resources.
  • The “It’s Complicated” Reader – while, yes, a great number of my books are predictable choices, I have been known to diverge every once in a while and pick out stuff that would surprise the people that claim they know me well. But no, I do not beg. I hardly borrow. I definitely do not steal books. But I do devour them, figuratively that is.


  • Reader the Obscure – some of my books are unknown, even to my reader-friends.


  • Delayed Onset Reader – my excuse: work. I only get to read when I am waiting, in the car, or during breaks. And I usually get more reading done when I am at work because, when I am at home, I am more distracted because I am online for anything.
  • The Reluctant Reader – I was this when I graduated from college until I began working. I forgot how good it was to read a book. While I picked up reading every now and again, it always died down and never got a follow-up—until a friend recommended The Lightning Thief in 2009 and I have been reading continuously since then.


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