Have You Met Ted?

"Have you met Ted?"
“Have you met Ted?”

In the last three weeks, my social activity has risen again.

That is because my social circle is growing once more. I guess it comes with age, that after a certain year in your life you will think that you have all the friends that you will need for the rest of it. I believe I was under that impression myself. Possibly, I may not have known to have believed in it until I began breaking it.

First, people began adding me because of something I said. Not necessarily to them, though. They found my words agreeable, I guess. Because of that, I began to add people myself.

So, since summer this year, the world became friendlier one person at a time. At least I believe so.

Yet, as much as I like making friends now, I’ve been hesitant to meet them as a group. Meeting people in real life means hearing actual laughter, not just LOL, ROFL, and LMAO. It means real time conversations without monitors in front of our faces. And it means actual hugs and smiles. But—to me—that also means getting lost in the conversation because everyone talks at the same time and I sometimes don’t know who to listen to.

And I’ve begun taking notice of how the number of attendees affects interaction. One-on-one progresses at a usually leisurely pace; it can be easily controlled by either one. A gathering of six or more people sounds fun but is also chaotic. I’ve seen it happen many times over: people break into groups or couples and—if you haven’t been chatting anyone up or sticking around someone for a good while—it’s likely you’ll be left alone.

Personally, I think a good number for a meet-up is five. All present could have one conversation and it’s fairly possible that everyone could follow what’s being said without getting lost.

Of course, even if the optimum number has been met, one could still feel left out unless he actually joins the conversation. Joining runs the risks of being in embarrassing and awkward moments—but what gathering doesn’t have any of those? They’re part of what makes the time memorable.

What does the teddy bear have to do with all this?

One of the people I met in the last three weeks was fellow WordPress blogger, WNGUTIERREZ of raidingroadsinrubbershoes, who happens to love “How I Met Your Mother” like I do. We had a long lunch at a place called Sci Fi Café, which was a geek paradise of figures, displays, costumes, and good food.

Fandoms exploded there at that restaurant. And of all the stuff there, it took me a while to realize who the guest on our table was. He seated him at our table. I had to look at him for a while. He seemed familiar. I’ve seen him in a movie. And that was when I thought of asking him.

Have you met Ted?

Ted was nice and polite. Though a bit too quiet for me. Isn’t it better when the people at your table talked to you? It would be nice to see Ted again. I hope next time he joins our conversation.