Telesthesia | Daily Prompt: Do you Believe in Magic?

You have been transformed into a mystical being who has the ability to do magic. Describe your new abilities in detail. How will you use your new skills?

I will have the power of telesthesia.

Telesthesia is the ability to see objects or occurrences that are in the present. With it, I could locate anyone or anything or know what is happening within the current time; a gaze that could pierce light, cloud, shadow, darkness, earth, and flesh. It knows no other magic than its own. And it could see the whole universe!

It is one of the lesser known powers. I don’t know any being that has this power.

Why telesthesia? Why would I want to see the present? Why would anyone?

Anyone can get lost looking to either the future or past. For the record, I do not underestimate the necessity of knowing what happened or learning what may happen but, often, we get confused in either or even both that we forget where and when we are. We see too far back or too far ahead that we trip up. Or, worse, we get lost. Getting lost may sound fun and challenging but not when there are things we are supposed to do and places we need to be.

Present—no matter how far or near, dim or clear—is where we are and where we can affect most, if not all. And that is what I hope telesthesia would do: to shed light and give direction and location, not just to where we came from or to where we are going but also to where we are standing.

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  1. BRAVO! Great power to have and beautifully written.


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  3. alienorajt says:

    Beautiful and wise: I love it. Alienora


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      Thank you so much!


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