The Secret Food Blog | Daily Prompt: Groupthink

Write a post that includes dialogue between two people — other than you. (For more of a challenge, try three or more people.)

The remote sailed through the air.

Gabriel was running out of distractions. He was the only one who wasn’t burying his face into a book, handout, or listening to a downloaded lecture. “I am hungry! Did I mention I am hungry? I am hungry.”

Mati turns to him. “You’ve been saying it for the last five minutes.”

Without taking his eyes off his notebook, RV replies, “And it has become tiresome. Did I mention it has become tiresome? It has become tiresome. See how annoying it is?”

His ego seemed bruised. Gabriel’s head hung so low. Leo comes to his best friend’s aid. “When you do it, it is!”

Calvin closes his laptop. Calmly, he faces the guys. “Stop it you two.” Mati jumps off his bed and puts away the stuff on his bed. “They’ll be at it until they get to eat. Easy problem. Solvable in 15 minutes!” Picks up the remote and places it back on the table.

Gabriel suddenly stands up and walks to Calvin. “If he’s going to cook, I’ll be eating out.” He was closely followed by RV. “And what is wrong with my cooking?” A stare-off was about to begin.

“Nothing! I am just tired of having Oriental noodles for the last five days. I want something else.”

Surprisingly, Calvin declares, “Ditto that!” with a sheepish grin.

RV stomps towards the restroom, kicks the door open, and disappears with the loud sound of water falling from the faucet.

Leo suggests, “Then let’s go out to eat!”

From the toilet, RV shouts, “No money dude!” over the pouring of water followed by the unmistakable flush.

Mati points out the obvious. “Here are your choices: eat noodles, starve, or shell out some bucks to eat something else.” To which Gabriel looks around with hope, “Who’s willing to spend?”

All the boys raised their hands, including RV. Gabriel raises the remote.

Calvin stands up. “And now for the hard part: where are we going to eat?” Gabriel begins regaling the guys about food and restaurants, which stuns the other guys, all of whom were collectively thinking, “Can he hear himself?”

Leo cuts Gabriel off with a pat on the shoulder. “Let’s decide when we get there.”

RV shakes his head. “The last time we did that, we spent a good 30 minutes arguing where to eat. And that was just last week.” Calvin nods in agreement. RV continues. “Let’s let the foodie decide.”

Leo takes off his headphones. “The who?” Gabriel points a finger past his friend’s face to their roommate. “Him!”

Shocked, Mati asks, “I am?”

Calvin, who had continued reading but still hadn’t taken his eyes off the material, dryly comments, “You take pictures of food before eating. You know more of the restaurants in the malls than AJ does—and he works there! You’re the go-to guy for options when dining. You know of supposedly secret menus. You have that secret food blog for crying out loud!”

Wide-eyed Gabriel, whose smiled broadened upon query, “You have a secret food blog? Really?” Leo remained unamused, “And where, pray tell, is that secret food blog?”

“I’d like to know that myself,” Mati said.

Where is the secret food blog?

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  1. Very cool team effort!! congrats Mati, Alexandra


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      Thank you so much!


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