I Will Weather | Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon

What giant step did you take where you hoped your leg wouldn’t break? Was it worth it, were you successful in walking on the moon, or did your leg break?

Right off the bat: I resigned from my work of seven years.

Almost seven years, actually—if I stayed a few more weeks, it really would’ve been a full seven years. But I couldn’t stay for another month. I was risking too many things already, like what little was left of my sanity.

When I was still working, I dreamed of weekends. But more than most do because—according to company rules—we worked for six days a week. And even if all employees received paid vacations that must be used, they proved insufficient. They may do the trick for the other guys in the company. But they did not face the toxicity that I did, which I had enough of.

So I resigned.

And here I am, bumming around the house, getting more weekends in one week than most. Been so in what would be two months next week. My tenure did a number on me and all this lazing around has proven to be therapeutic in many ways.

Yet I fear the comforts of home. It tempts me every day to stay and do nothing. It’s easier to stay in the warmth of my bed and not look for work again. But I am certain I will do this, one time or another.

Here I stand, seeing a storm heading my way. It lies between me and my destination. I know what I am in for. I will brave it. I know how to brace myself. The conditions have changed. And so have I. Greater days and weekends are out there. With or without an umbrella, they wait for me.

I will weather.


32 thoughts on “I Will Weather | Daily Prompt: Walking on the Moon

  1. Congratulations on this brave leap. You might enjoy reading Tim Krieder’s op-ed “The ‘Busy’ Trap,” which I’ve given my classes for the last two years before reading Thoreau’s Walden and Emerson’s essay “Self-Reliance,” both of which might make inspire and comfort you 🙂


  2. Unemployed guy here, in part because I didn’t want to pursue the career that’s most associated with my degree. (Granted, my former classmates aren’t doing much better because of job scarcity…)

    As long as money isn’t a concern, you will thrive. Life has a tendency to fill up regardless of whether you have an official job.


    • I believe the second part to be true. You’ll find stuff that could occupy yours days. How fulfilling the stuff are is another question. But – if one keeps looking around – there’s always something to do.


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