A World of Silence | What Will They Do Next?

“Listen carefully. The time to fight has come. With your voice, awaken the Daimo Energy of the Tranzer. Shout Richard, ‘Tranzer, go!’” – Professor Hartford [80s Philippine English dub]

My brother and I are re-watching Tōshō Daimos again.

Yes, we’ve seen so many times that I’ve lost count. We’ve seen it in English dub and in Filipino/Tagalog dub. I think we would’ve watched in the original Japanese dub, if we could find a decent copy.

But it’s only now as a grown-up that something occurred to me: Richard requires his voice to make Daimos go into action. Getting the Rover into the Tranzer, making Tranzer transform, activating Daimos’ weapons, and using certain attacks all require him speaking/shouting.

So I asked my brother, “What if Richard suddenly lost his voice, what would happen then?” He never gave me a solid answer.

The series belongs to sci-fi so they may find a way for Rover/Tranzer/Daimos to recognize an artificial voice. That’s until the Brahmins discover the secret and come up with something to counter it: a virus that attacks the vocal chords/voice box coupled with a mecha that negates anything that sounds like a human voice.

“What will our hero do next?”

Yet, why stop with Richard and Daimos? Super soldiers, warriors, rangers, guardians, pilots, aliens, deities, night creatures, ordinary people, average students! So many heroes—and even some villains—require their voices to transform, summon familiars, aides, and weapons, and attack. They may have the best arsenal and companions out there but—without their voices—those would be useless. And the individuals may even prove powerless.

Color me evil but I’d like to see those heroes and villains deal with voiceless-ness. Or how about a world brought to Silence? That particular imagination was inspired by something I saw years ago: The Gentlemen and their minions in “Hush” from the Joss Whedon TV classic “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”.


What do you think?

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