Clueless at the Café | House of Toast

Have you played board games in a café?

Up until last Sunday, I never had. If I had to wait for a long while, I would resort to reading the book I brought or twiddling with my phone. And that was what I was expecting to do when the guys and I arrived at the newly opened café, House of Toast. It’s a cozy place found south of the metro. And because we arrived at around 3PM, not only were we sweating due to the heat, the place itself looked brighter than it usually would. The yellow walls could instantly perk you up!

One of the managers took our orders. While we waited for our food to arrive, we were handed a deck of cards. Judging by the energy from the table, everyone was excited by it. Save for me. I had no idea how to play “Monopoly Deal”.

I cannot stress that enough. I do not know how to play that game. I played it cool because I had a refreshing glass of mango shake. But that was it.

Mango Shake, Php110.00
Mango Shake, Php110.00

While, yes, I have played and won in “Monopoly” a few times, the card game is way different from the board game. I kept getting more action cards than money or title cards. And I think the guys were getting annoyed when I hampered the pace because I asked questions. Good thing drinking the shake kept me from asking even more questions! We had gone through a number of rounds and I was always one of the two guys who had the least number of cards or fortune. And if that wasn’t bad enough, I ignored my strawberry and ice cream French toast because I was surely losing fast and—whatever I won—was easily taken back. Twice!

Surprisingly, I won. And this isn’t bragging but I have no clear idea how I did it.

The Winning Hand
The Winning Hand

Even after I was declared the actual winner, I was still baffled. I asked my toast how I did it but it had no revelation to give me, just melted ice cream that swirled in with the syrup for that strange sweetness that is an acquired taste. And I would’ve finished all three slices had I not filled up on the shake. And I still have no idea how to play the game.

Strawberry French Toast with Ice Cream, Php159.00
Strawberry French Toast with Ice Cream, Php159.00

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