Advice from Ted

What does your name mean?

In Sanskrit, my name means a number of things: thought, intelligence, and advice. On most days, I find it easy to dispense any of the three, specially the last one. But there are days when even I would need what my name means.

That is why, last Sunday while waiting for my friend at the Sci-Fi Café, I asked my borrowed companion – Ted, who I gave the Mad Hatter’s hat to wear – what he could tell me. I surely could use some. But he never said anything. I kept rewording my questions. Still nothing from the stuffed bear.

Ted from Sci-Fi Café
Ted from Sci-Fi Café

Unbeknownst to me, I was being shown wisdom.

Sometimes, the best answer is silence. Practice patience. Calm yourself and sit down. If your hat gets knocked off your head, don’t make a big deal of it; pick it up and wear it once more. There will be people who will help you get yourself together again. And everyone could use a hug.

Great advice, Ted! Thank you.


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