Black and Blue Music | Death and Replacement

Were your gadgets affected by last week’s solar flares?

Mine were. Last Friday, my phone – although functioning – couldn’t connect to the Wi-Fi. Not just mine but my mother’s as well. At first, I thought it was the modem. So I rebooted and reset it. After a while, my mother’s became okay. But not mine. I tried a few more times but nothing. In my panic, I reset my phone. And still nothing! Worse, each time the phone tried to connect, it would reboot. I just gave up. By midnight, it finally righted itself. And I thought that was the end of my worries.

Come Saturday night, I began to charge the MP3 player. But it couldn’t be detected by the PC. I tried different ports, resetting the player, and tweaking the cable. Nothing. I used the power bank. Still nothing. I thought that it could be like the phone; just wait until Sunday morning, maybe it’d turn out okay.

But Sunday morning still saw nothing from the player.

I officially declared its death that day. Though it may have been dead for days. Maybe even since Friday. And I just didn’t notice.

Funny that I find symbolism in the death of my player. I bought it in 2008 with my then best friend. Our friendship formally ended last Friday. How coincidental. Not only do I mourn for dead relationship but also for a no-longer functioning gadget.

And because I thrive on my tunes, I couldn’t be without a music player. Of course, the phone has that function. But if I used it as I would the player, it would need charging far more often. So, by Sunday afternoon, the search for a new MP3 player began. I was particular: 8GB, because I was on a strict budget. I wasn’t picky with color; as long as my favorites were available, I was okay. But only 4GBs and 16GBs were sold at the mall. So I would have to try at another one the following day.

Monday afternoon saw me running around two malls. At the first one, I looked at appliance stores. While they sold Sony phones, they no longer had MP3 players. Guess that is the trend now: because phones are already built with music players, there’s not much demand for separate gadgets with the same function. So I went to the second mall where the Sony Center was. Predictably, I found music players there. Yet none of what I wanted. So I faced the decision of getting less than I wanted or going away with none.

I went home with yet another 4GB MP3 player.

Once home, I compared the old and the new. Shape, size, weight. The old one needed a cable to connect to the PC; new one didn’t. One thing that they have similar with each other – besides the brand – is that I felt like both cheated me out of the belief that I would actually get 4 GB. Not only did I choose my second choice, I got less than what I wanted. The new one came with five songs. Can’t say about the old one because I don’t remember, same way that I now have begun to forget things about the recently dead friendship.

Maybe these songs as well as the new player would help me get through this rut.

Fall – Mayu Wakisaka

Harder Than Mine – Freshman 15

It’s Complicated – A Day to Remember

Silence – Edisun

These Are the Days – Just Left

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  1. SilverHakai says:

    Sony is nice, but if you’re going with a budget there’s this nice Philips MP3 player I keep seeing but I can’t remember the model.


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      Thanks for the recommendation! I’ve been a Sony user for years now; I have a love-hate relationship with them.


  2. Noah Weiss says:

    Has the relationship’s end also soured certain songs that you used to listen to? Though I have never been in that situation, I have heard stories.


    1. Mati Serrano says:

      Right now, I’m not sure. But I believe that there are. I’ll just discover what those are in the coming days.
      Recently, I’ve been listening to new stuff or songs I’ve forgotten. Less connection, less stress.
      And may you never be in this situation. It. Is. Trouble. Big time.


  3. sed30 says:

    Reblogged this on sed30's Blog and commented:
    Id be lost without my Ipod!


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