Meeting the Sheppard | The Restorative Journey

My siesta ended nicely.

It was raining while I was asleep earlier so the temp dropped considerably. So I felt cooler when I got up. And being in a better mood, I took to the radio for good music. And I easily found it! When I got downstairs, I was still singing the only two lines I remembered: “Say Geronimo” and “Bombs away”.


After a successful search, I found out the answer to my questions. The song is “Geronimo” by the Australian indie pop band Sheppard. Even after the song had ended an hour before, it was still playing in my head so I gave in to the little demons in my head and looked at their discography and found out that—to date—they have one album and one EP.

“I’ve noticed most of the new tracks are about the restorative journey after being pushed down. Everyone has had their rough moments and we hope our music can help some people through those hard times,” said one of their members. Guess that’s why I readily liked them and their music.

Tonight, I share with you some of the tracks that I instantly loved.

Something’s Missing

These People

Let Me Down Easy

A Grade Playa


The Best Is Yet To Come

Find Someone


Hold My Tongue


What do you think?

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