Buko Roll, Anyone? | First Taste

I love being around foodies!

And it just so happens that part of what we do at the office has to do with food. This afternoon, we sampled buko buns. Basically, it’s bread filled with coconut cream. But that’s just me making it sound simpler than it is.

The bread is soft. The light yellow delight is lined by fours in the box. And when you take one, it’s like having a slice of pizza in your hand: like melted mozzarella, the bread has strands that cling to other. The stringiness is fun to observe, especially to the excited and unobservant. It tends to catch them unaware that bread could do that.

One bite and you’re instantly introduced to the creamy goodness that awaits inside each bun. The coconut cream filling is white and thick–but it doesn’t drip! It’s not sticky nor is it overwhelmingly sweet. But it’s taste is so inviting that you just want to have another piece!


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