Spoonful, Forkful, or Knife-ful | Ristorante Bigoli

“Try some.”

Well, I would’ve. Too bad Arby didn’t know if it had pork in it. Neither did I. And I wasn’t risking it. So I politely declined.

I offered him the parmesan cheese shaker. He said that he does love cheese. Where did I get the cheese shaker? I’ll tell you later.

He asked me how many times I’ve been to Ristorante Bigoli. Frankly, I’ve lost count. I discovered them in 2010, just months before they began one of their famous All You Can Eat Pizza promos, which my friends and I raved so much about—we ate from 11am-2pm and the greatest eater among us had 11 slices of pizza, among others. I became a fast fan of their food and since then, they have been one of my favorite go-to dining places.

Arby would’ve fully loved his Pesto Rosso Pasta Bigoli. The only trouble he had with it was its oiliness. Otherwise, he adored every single thing about it.

Pesto Rosso Pasta Bigoli, Php 170.00
Pesto Rosso Pasta Bigoli, Php 170.00

I, on the other hand, had no complaints about Palermo’s Lasagna. It was everything I want in lasagna: the meat is tender and juicy, the cheese turns stringy when you slice a forkful, and the sauce was neither overpowering nor overpowered. Had it been bigger, I would’ve been in foodie heaven far longer than I was.

Palermo's  Lasagna, Php 190.00
Palermo’s Lasagna, Php 190.00

Our conversation turned to comfort food, particularly what Bigoli offered. For me, if I wasn’t having the lasagna, I’d order the Spaghetti Bolognese: a solo serving of perfectly cooked noodles, topped with rich tomato sauce with a deceivingly generous amount of ground beef. And I do dare say “deceivingly”. I want my favorite ingredients to last until my final spoonful, forkful, or knife-ful. Every time I have the Spaghetti Bolognese, it would always appear that the beef would be good for only the first half and yet I would still end up with enough for the end. The remnants of the sauce would be picked by the garlic bread—which they serve for free for unlimited times, when you order any pasta.

Any pasta I order is always paired with Ultimate Beef Stromboli. Imagine a whole pizza sans sauce. Cut them into strips. Roll them nicely into a ball then dip them into the sauce. Not only is it great tasting but fun to eat as well!

Ultimate Beef Stromboli, Php 140.00
Ultimate Beef Stromboli, Php 140.00

When I’m at Bigoli, I always go for the bottomless drink because that means I could pick whatever soda or iced tea I liked. The weirdo that I am mixes them in inconsistent amounts every time, so even I could never guarantee how they would taste like. But I do always finish with my iced tea and Sprite mix.

Bottomless Drink, Php 60.00
Bottomless Drink, Php 60.00

Usually, my meals end with dessert, which means I would have a slice of their Turtle Cheesecake. The first time I had it, while I loved the generous heaping of chocolate chips and the drizzle of caramel sauce, I couldn’t understand why it’s called Turtle Cheesecake. That was when I was pointed to the whole cake, which resembled a turtle shell.

Turtle Cheesecake, Php 80.00
Turtle Cheesecake, Php 80.00

It’s now later. Here’s a secret: the parmesan cheese shakers are hidden in plain sight. They’re usually at the table behind the cashiers. If you don’t see them, ask nicely for them.

Ristorante Bigoli
4F TrinoMa Mall, Quezon City


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