Something We Would Miss From Them | Nomama

Jake wanted to have ramen for dinner.

Between me and my buddy, I am the one who usually makes the food-/dining-related plans. Last week was one of those rare occurrences when he took the lead, starting with being terribly excited about Nomama’s Peso Ramen Promo. I’ve learned weeks before that the artisanal ramen restaurant would close their doors for the last time by the end of this month. Our guess was that this is—besides being a way of emptying their stocks—a means to cap off a legacy.

Nomama's Peso Ramen Promo (from Nomama Facebook Page)
Nomama’s Peso Ramen Promo (from Nomama Facebook Page)

So yesterday, Jake went to our house after his classes. And we went to Pasig to have dinner.

Alighting at our stop, we detoured to Mercury Drug and showed me the BMI machine. I watched him use it then, though I initially declined, I eventually tried it myself. And we both got surprising results, to say the least.

Then we made our way to Nomama. We could’ve taken the jeep but the line was too long and it would’ve taken us far longer waiting than by walking, which is what we did.

When we found the place and they seated us, it us a while before we ordered anything on the call of our usual banter. I did my research and I know for certain that their ramen broth is pork-based so—tempting as it is to have a slurp—I cannot have any of it. Jake still asked me what I would’ve ordered if I could have anything there and, without hesitation, I pointed to the Wagyu Steak & Onion Ramen, Triple Onion, & Miso Pepper Butter. And as for his peso ramen, he decided on Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen.

Besides that, we also ordered Mushroom Gyoza, Tuna Spring Rolls with Spicy Ponzu and Argula, and Sticky Tori Karaage with Orange Miso and Young Garlic. Sadly, all those were no longer being made. So besides the ramen, all we had was the Tofu Fries.

Frankly, I was under the impression that the Tofu Fries would be cut leaner, like other fries. Though I guess that if they did that, it would fall apart. And though the tofu was dry, the way it was cooked reminded us of one of Tokyo Tokyo’s gems back in 2009-2010: the Agedashi Tofu. We were nostalgic with every bite.

Tofu Fries, Php 110.00
Tofu Fries, Php 110.00

Then came the Wagyu Steak & Onion Ramen, Triple Onion, & Miso Pepper Butter. The noodles and wagyu steak were served separate from the broth, making it look like a pasta plate. I had more than half of it and though it was broth-less, it still worked. The wagyu was terribly wonderful; it retained its juices and firmness yet so soft. The texture was something to relish!

Jake was torn with the two bowls he had. It was difficult for him to say which was better. He would’ve loved it if I were able to have even just a spoonful of Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen, which he said was so tender, he practically didn’t need to chew it anymore.

Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen, (Promo) Php 1.00
Wagyu Beef Cheek Ramen, (Promo) Php 1.00

Now here comes the strangest part of the night. After our table was cleared, they asked us if we wanted dessert. What did I do? I declined. Even I felt strange saying no because I do not do that. People who know me are certain that I cap off every meal with something sweet. As much as I’d like to explain it, I can’t. Maybe because I was a bit frustrated that Apple Gyoza with Condiments was no longer available? I am uncertain.

Though Jake and I are not regulars of Nomama, guess that is something we would miss from them: that we did not have dessert.

[For the record though, when we passed by Family Mart, we had soft-served ice creams.]

Meralco Ave cor Shaw Blvd. Capitol Commons Ortigas


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